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How I Finally Improved My Body Composition (Before and After Photos)

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First let me say: You are beautiful in whatever body makes you FEEL beautiful.

Don’t let Instagram tell you how your body is supposed to look. The only way it’s supposed to look is exactly how you want it to.

Instagram has a funny way of making you feel like everything about your body is wrong. You need to be thin, but not too thin because that’s gross. You need to have muscle definition, but not a super ripped 8 pack because that’s too masculine. You need to have a booty, but that just right booty where you can tell it’s not from fat- because ew & you can tell it’s not from lifting weights too much- because ew.

All I have to say to all of that is: alksdjffakldsjfaklsdjfalksdjflkasdf. Stop letting other people tell you how you need to look. YOU tell yourself how you need to look to make yourself FEEL beautiful. And that’s it.

Second let me say: Transformations look different for EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON.

Everyone has different genetics, hormones, metabolisms, abilities to build muscle, abilities to lose body fat, etc. (I’ll talk about this in more detail in another post!). It’s super important for me to bring this up because I’m one of those people that doesn’t have your typical body transformation. I’m not showing you how I lost 20-50+ pounds. I’m showing you how I lost 5 pounds, but completely changed the composition of my body.

If you want to hear more about body types & the best workouts for you based on your body, listen to the podcast where I chat all about that HERE!

You know those girls in middle school that people called anorexic? Or that people told to go eat a cheeseburger? That was me growing up (which I also won’t get into here, but if you’re guilty of saying these types of things to people you need to CUT IT OUT HOMIE!!!). I’ve always been relatively lean with very little muscle, so I didn’t have 20-50+ pounds to lose to begin with. That might be frustrating for you if you’re not in the same boat & you do want to lose a significant amount of weight (I totally get that), but that is how my body looks when I’m not exercising & not eating right. And that is how my body looks when I don’t feel beautiful.

Don’t get it confused though- just because I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose doesn’t mean I didn’t have to do a LOT of work to change the composition of my body. Gaining muscle mass just takes time for everyone, but it takes longer for someone with my body type. If you want to know all the inside scoop & details on how I made that happen, you can check out my Health & Fitness Guide (The Healthy Lifestyle Project) and follow me on Ask Abbey & Instagram as I continue to share more of my secrets!

Until next time, plz plz plz remember if you FEEL beautiful, you ARE beautiful. End of story.

Happy Friday! Hope you have an amazing weekend (and a glass or 4 of Sauvignon Blanc for me).

Can’t wait for more health, fitness & beauty content? I got you:




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