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3 Mascara Tips That Will Change Your Lash Game Forever!

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I know eyelash extensions are all the rage right now, but I can’t get myself to commit to the monthly upkeep. If you’re still going strong with mascara like me, I have some secrets tricks for you that will make your lashes look next level good. You’re welcome!!!

And if you want to know my secret tips for how I apply a flawless full face of makeup, listen to the Ask Abbey Podcast Episode #4!

  1. Use 2 Different Mascaras. Rubber bristle wands are usually better at lengthening & separating. Traditional bristle wands are usually better at adding volume. But we want longer and fuller lashes right? So use both to get the benefits of both! I start with a rubber bristle wand (like the Maybelline Lash Sensational) & then once my lashes have dried a little bit (but are still wet), I’ll go in with a traditional bristle wand (like L’Oreal Lash Paradise). This makes your lashes pop 100x more!

2. Blink every time you coat your lashes. Sounds weird, I know & feels weird to do at first, I know x2. BUT I swear to you this is the biggest mascara game changer in the book. If you know me, you probably already do this because I forced you to. All you have to do is put your wand at the base of your lashes like you normally would, but instead of sabotaging yourself & just coating your lashes to the tips, BLINK down while you coat your lashes. I just changed your life, you can thank me later.

3. If you mess up & get mascara on your lids or face, let the mascara dry completely first: Sounds weird again, I know. But the worst thing you can do to clean up a mascara mess is to immediately try to wipe wet mascara off with a Q-Tip . I am actually panicking a little picturing this!!! This is going to make an even bigger mess & will wipe off the makeup you just worked so hard to put on! Instead, let it dry, and thennnn go in with your Q-Tip and lightly flick the mascara off (don’t rub!).

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