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The 8 Vitamins I Take Every Day to Keep the Dermatologist Away

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When I started dealing with hormonal acne about a year and a half ago, I spent months researching & testing out ways to cure it naturally. In the process of doing that, I also learned about vitamins that can help with general health & before I knew it I had a sliiiightly out of control combination of 8 different vitamins a day. I KNOW. This sounds ridiculous. But, if you’re struggling with constant breakouts like I was, you’re willing to be a little extra to put an end to it. My skin is definitely not perfect, but this vitamin regimen has made a night and day difference for me.

To hear more about the causes of acne, hormonal acne prevention, and products I’d recommend to treat acne, listen to the Ask Abbey Podcast Episode #8!

Also, how cute is that pill organizer?! It’s compact so it’s perfect for travel or your work tote, and it juuuust fits all of my vitamins in it perfectly. But if you take more than 6-8 vitamins/pills (depending on the size of them) you may want to get two- one for AM & one for PM. Delivery took a few weeks but it’s literally $2 on Amazon so… And they also have it in white and nude if pink isn’t your thing!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, nurse, dermatologist, or any sort of medical professional for that matter (duh). This is what works for me, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you! Get your levels tested at the doctor first if you have concerns plz & thank you!!!

Specifically for Acne Prevention:

To give a quick & easy explanation, breakouts are caused by excess androgens (aka masculinizing hormones, like testosterone) & bacteria. The vitamins that I take to help prevent acne either have anti-androgenic, anti-bacterial, and/or detoxifying effects.

HUM Daily Cleanse

Before I discovered this, I was taking a ton of different vitamins, drinking herbal teas, etc. to try to consume as many skin healing supplements as possible. This got old REAL quickly. I did a little research to see if there were any supplements out there that had everything I needed in one pill and found HUM! It has some of my key acne-fighting & detoxifying ingredients (matcha, spirulina, zinc, milk thistle, etc.) plus more that I wasn’t taking! So much more efficient.


A natural anti-androgen. Also helps with digestion, especially if you drink spearmint tea!

Vitamin A

An anti-bacterial vitamin. Fun fact: the main ingredient in Accutane (an intense acne medication for people with severe, persistent acne) is Vitamin A (in a very high dosage). That’s because it’s super effective at killing the bacteria that contributes to breakouts! When you get Vitamin A over the counter, it’s of course in a much smaller amount. This has made a huge difference for me in preventing & reducing the amount of breakouts I have.

For General Health (and also skin, cause I want it all, u know?):

Women’s Multi Vitamin

I like to take a multi vitamin to make sure my bases are covered in terms of adequate vitamin intake. Yes, you can cover a lot of those bases with actual food, but I’m not interested in making sure my diet consists of the perfect amounts of vitamins every single day. (Is anyone…?)

Vitamin D3

As a resident Minneapolis girl, I don’t see the sun nearly enough (been bitching about moving to California for just about my whole life!!!). Last year, my winter blues hit an all time low, and I realized I wasn’t doing anything to help myself. So this winter I made sure to start taking Vitamin D every day & holy did it change my life. Even if you don’t live in MN, this is a common vitamin deficiency & it’s crucial for maintaining physical & mental health.


Probiotics are amazing for skin & just general health because they promote healthy bacteria in the gut. A lot of issues can stem from having too much bad bacteria & too little good bacteria in our gut (which can then show up as breakouts). Also, it’s just good for overall digestive health & to keep things working smoothly! Enough said.

Fish Oil

I recently introduced fish oil into my regimen because my nice little 400 page textbook on Women’s Health (The Women’s Book, A Guide to Nutrition, Fat Loss and Muscle Gain by Lyle McDonald) convinced me. There’s tons of benefits, but some include reducing inflammation (breakouts = inflammation!), improving your immune system function, and helping prevent mental health issues. Also, I feel like it’s just a known thing that fish oil helps your skin glow, no?


Hand washing dishes (S/O to all my friends living the no dishwasher life) was destroying my nails & the hard water in the city was destroying my hair. I started taking Biotin to help with both of these issues a few months ago & have seen some serious improvements for the better in both departments.

As always, comment or reach out to me on IG if you have any questions, concerns, wanna send me pictures of your dog, etc.

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