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The 4 Brushes You Absolutely Need to Apply Your Eyeshadow Perfectly

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Alright guys we are back for the second part of this makeup brush series. If you haven’t seen my post about the brushes you need to apply face makeup, make sure to check that out HERE after this so can have a complete list of brushes to buy!

Today I’m walking through all of brushes you actually need to apply eyeshadow beautifully. In my opinion, there are 4 styles of brushes that are a requirement. I’m also including some extras that aren’t absolutely crucial, but can help take your look to the next level.

If you need some help in the eyeshadow application department, check out this video where I go super in depth on how to make it look flawless!

Again, I’m linking the specific brush that I have, but if you want to buy the least expensive version possible, Morphe has great options! (Click on the name of the brush type to be taken to the site that sells that brush!)

Transition Colors & Blending 1

This is the brush you’ll use to lay down your first transition color (a shade that’s slightly deeper than your natural skin tone) in your crease area, and is also the main brush you’ll use to blend your shadows together. A large, fluffy brush is key for this. I’m obsessed with this brush & I have two of them because I couldn’t live without it!

Darker Crease Colors & Blending 2

This brush is slightly smaller & firmer than the above brush. This is what you’ll use to apply shades that are slightly darker than your first transition shade. You can also use this in combination with the first brush to blend those deeper colors.

Darker Outer Corner Colors

This brush slightly smaller and firmer than the above brush (are we seeing the theme here?!). This is what you’ll use to pack in deeper colors to your outer corner area. It’s technically called a “firm blender” brush, but don’t blend with this. Use the first two brushes for that!

Lid Colors

If you’re going in with shimmery shades, a synthetic brush like this is an absolute must. Especially when you’re using a spray like fixed plus to enhance the shimmer, this brush will soak up the perfect amount of spray & apply that shimmery shadow to your lid perfectly. You can also use it for matte lid shades as well! This is the brush from the OG naked palette & they don’t sell this exact version anymore, so I’ve linked one that’s almost identical to it!

Ok, so those are the 4 brushes I’d recommend as must-haves for eyeshadow if you the bare minimum (that still lets you create an amazing look). If you’re looking to add some extra brushes to your collection to help make your eyeshadow look that much more flawless, here’s what I’d recommend.

Darkest Crease Colors & Blending 3

This is the little sister to the 1st Transition Color & Blending Brush. It’s essentially the same shape, just a little shorter & skinnier. If you want a third style of brush for blending, go for this. It allows you to be more precise with color placement than the first two blending brushes, but is still a brush you can blend with too!

Darkest Outer V Colors

If you want to go even darker with your eye look, then a firm, small, precise brush like this is the trick. This will allow you to be really careful with exactly where you place those dark colors (that outer corner, “V” shaped spot) so that it doesn’t look like you have a black eye (not the goal). Again, use the first two brushes to blend after using this one!

Inner Corner Highlight

If you want to apply a shimmery highlight shade to your inner corner for some extra brightness, you’ll want to use a pencil brush like this. This shape is ideal for that small space.

Browbone Highlight

If I’m applying a lighter shade to highlight the area underneath my brow bone, it’s usually to also clean up any crease colors that are sitting too high on my lid. That’s why I like to use a large brush like this for that purpose. This may be too big for some people, so I’d go for something similar but slightly smaller if you have a smaller lid area!

Eyeliner Brush

If you use gel liner or eyeshadow for liner (obsessed with doing this for a more natural look), then you’ll need an angled liner brush to achieve that. Go for one that is pretty thin so you can be precise with your application!

Happy blending!!! Can’t wait to see your finished makeup looks with your new brush sets.

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