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You Need These 9 Eyeshadow Palettes In Your Collection ASAP

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Eyeshadow is easily one of my favorite makeup products. The way you apply your eyeshadow & the colors you choose can completely transform your face. It’s amazing.

If you need some extra help in the eyeshadow department, I go super in depth on application steps in this video:

I have gone through maybe 365 million eyeshadow palettes in the past 10 years, so I know a thing or two about eyeshadows that are actually worth the money. Here’s what I’d recommend:

Best Bang for Your Buck Palettes:

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill

If you don’t have this, what are you doing?! It’s easily the best bang for your buck. The quality is unbelievable- amazing pigment, so blendable, a solid color selection & it’s only $38 for 35 shadows. It doesn’t get better girlies.

Morphe 35F

This palette is perfect for those of you that love shimmers. I personally wish it had another row of mattes, but all of the shadows are super pigmented & there’s a wide range of colors in the shimmer section. This is a great palette to add to your collection if you already have a good matte selection!

Morphe 35O- Original, Matte, or Shimmer

This is a great palette for those of you that are in the market for a staple, warm toned palette with a huge color selection. I’ve created such pretty looks with this guy! I also love the 35OM (all mattes) because it’s a great way to build up the mattes in your collection. They even have an all shimmer version too!

Worth the Splurge Palettes:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Palettes

I’m bucketing these palettes into one group because it really just depends on your preference when it comes to eyeshadow colors. But all the Anastasia Palettes (except for Subculture), are such high quality shadows. They have a crazy amount of pigment & they’re really soft/creamy to work with. If I had to pick just one, I’d pick Soft Glam.

Buxom Build Your Own Palettes

I feel like I’ve never heard anyone talk about Buxom eyeshadows before but they’re actually so nice. You can also customize your own palette so that you can choose the exact shades you’d actually use, which is a huge plus. You definitely don’t get the selection you’d get with some of the other palettes, but if you’re more of a simple gal (or you just love eyeshadows & want more like me) this would be great for you.

Tartelette 2 in Bloom

This is a great palette for traveling because it has some really pretty neutral shades. If you’re looking for a palette that has both wearable daytime shades as well as some shades that can create a darker, smokier look, then you’ll love this.

Urban Decay Naked Heat

If you love warm tones, you’ll love this palette. The pigmentation is amazing & it has a really good selection of light to dark warm toned shades.

Best Eyeshadow Singles:

If you aren’t really interested in pre-made palettes, you can always create your own palette with single shadows. I’ve personally started to do that because I cannot find a single palette that’s entirely neutral (with enough colors that I want to create multiple looks) anywhere. Like I swear it does not exist? Everything is usually either super warm toned or has a bunch of random colors thrown in it & no thanks on that. Here are the singles I’d recommend:

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Same great quality as her palettes, just in single pan form.

ColourPop Cosmetics

They have a pretty big color selection & all the shades I own are awesome quality. I especially love their Super Shock Shadows. They’re a really unique formula- they almost feel wet to the touch. They’re best applied with your finger & just give such a pretty glittery effect to the eye without being too overboard.

Makeup Geek Cosmetics

These used to be all the range on YouTube & no one really brings them up anymore, but they’re still great. She has a huge range of colors so you can build a full palette. Also, if you love a super shimmery lid, the foiled eyeshadow formula is to die for.

YAY for makeup shopping! (I’m the worst lol). Can’t wait to see which new shadows you decide to try out for yourself!

Can’t wait for more health, fitness & beauty content? I got you:




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  1. Could not agree more! I wish the Buxom custom palettes got more recognition for how high quality they are!


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