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How To Manage That Gross Natural Deodorant “Detox” Period

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Wondering why tf everyone is suddenly so obsessed with natural deodorant? I was too. As a professional hypochondriac, I’m honestly surprised I didn’t hear about it sooner (giving my girliefriend Lauren all the credit for opening my eyes to this one!!!)

Why People Are So Concerned:

To sum it all up quickly, the main ingredient that prevents your armpits from getting gross & sweaty in traditional deodorant is aluminum. Aluminum has been claimed to be linked to breast cancer, Alzheimer’s & just general toxicity. Most traditional deodorants also have parabens in them, which have also been claimed to cause the same types of issues.

As with everything I share with you guys, I want to be as unbiased as possible. I’m never trying to force my opinions on anyone- I’m only trying to let you know both sides of the story so you can make an informed decision for yourself! #you #do #you #honey #boo. So I did some brief research on the topic and read results of some trials that tested this claim. To be honest: I did not see any scholarly research articles that said aluminum & parabens in deodorant are 100% linked to breast cancer or toxicity. But I did see some articles that said they may be linked.

For me, if I can easily eliminate something that may cause serious health issues for me down the road, I’m all for it. So I made the switch!

As an FYI the word “natural” can kind of be BS in any sort of product because there’s no true definition for it in a marketing sense. If you’re interested in switching to a deodorant that doesn’t have aluminum or parabens, just make sure you’re reading the ingredients label!

My Experience With Natural Deodorant

I currently use Native. The scents are amaaaazing btw. Coconut Vanilla is my fave!

Disclaimer- Native has fragrance in it. This is an ingredient that many advocates of all natural deodorant may tell you to avoid.

Here’s Why I’m Fine With It

Native is sold at Target so it’s easily accessible for me, it’s $11 (some are pricier), and it’s made without aluminum or parabens (my main reason for switching to natural deodorant in the first place). It also just works for me. I’ve read tons of reviews on other brands of natural deo that don’t work for people. So I’m okay with a little fragrance! I did try Tom’s natural deo (which is fragrance free) and it RIPPED my armpits to shreds. Not even being dramatic but I felt like I applied sandpaper to my pits. The burning & irritation was next level. Huge no from me.

The “Detox” Period

I did experience what many call a “detox period.” This is essentially when your body is adapting to no longer having aluminum coated on your armpits 24/7. It wasn’t that bad, but it also wasn’t my cutest moment. I got really sweaty for the first few days & could definitely smell myself which I was NOT a fan of. I also got a pretty uncomfortable rash & had multiple red bumps on my armpits. From what I’ve read about detoxing periods, this is all pretty standard. But the second week was substantially better than then first, and after that I was in the clear!

Post Detox Expectations + Upkeep Tips

  • My armpits definitely get sweatier than they used to by the end of the day. That’s just going to happen when your deodorant doesn’t have aluminum in it. But overall, it’s very manageable for me & I hardly notice it most days. I also don’t have any issues with BO. If I did, I’d be tapping out on this natural deo trend.
  • I sometimes get a couple red bumps on my armpits. I’m guessing this is irritation caused by the baking soda in Native (I’ve read this can be an issue for some people). I never used to deal with armpit irritation or razor burn while using traditional deodorant, so I don’t love this aspect of it. But again, it’s minimal enough to where I don’t even notice most of the time.
  • I freshen up by wiping off my deodorant with a cotton pad soaked in Witch Hazel Toner (I use Thayer’s Cucumber scent because it makes me feel extra fresh & clean). If I’m doing something social after a long day at work, I always cleanse with Witch Hazel & reapply my deo. I also like to do this before bed so my armpits have a little break with nothing on them. I highly recommend doing this to help with your detox period- it would’ve made mine so much better! You can just bring a mini bottle of toner to work & freshen up in the bathroom over lunch!

What are your thoughts? Are you going to jump on the natural deo bandwagon or keep using your current deodorant? Keep me posted!

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