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The Amazing CC Cream That Protects Your Skin From Fine Lines, Wrinkles, and Brown Spots!

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I absolutely love testing out new makeup products. Finding something new that you’re obsessed with is so fun. And if you know me, you know I’ve tried a lottttt of products. Like a lot. So I’m going to start a new series on this blog where I highlight one product I’ve tried and tell you all my thoughts.

Today’s star: IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream.

Have you ever felt like there’s no good way to protect your skin from the sun while wearing makeup? Same. I always felt like it was a take your pick situation: foundation or sunscreen. A lot of the foundations that I’ve seen that have SPF literally have like SPF 15. At that point you might as well be wearing no SPF.

This is why I love the IT Cosmetics CC Cream. You finally get to do both! It has SPF 50 (yaaaaas) so it’s actually protecting your skin from sun damage. But it also looks amazing on the skin which is so rare for an SPF 50 product.

If you’re not an expert in SPF or anti-aging yet, don’t worry- that’s why I’m here! Listen to my podcast where I chat all about those topics HERE!

They have 3 different formulas of this CC cream: Original, Illumination, and Oil-Free Matte (SPF 40). So depending on your skin type & preference when it comes to the finish of your foundation, you can find one that works best for you!

I’ve been using the original version for over a year now. It’s full coverage (don’t let the word “CC Cream” fool you, this is the same as a foundation in my opinion), it’s lightweight, and it has a radiant, skin-like finish.

This is my go to daytime product whenever I’m going to be in the sun (especially on vacations & in the summer). I personally don’t wear it at night because it gets a little too dewy looking on me after I’ve been wearing it for an extended amount of time. There ‘s also no need to wear an SPF 50 product at night anyway (obviously). I just apply it like I would any foundation- with a damp Real Techniques beauty sponge, and set with a powder so it stays in place!

You’re welcome for beautiful, sun protected skin all summer girlies.

Have you tried this CC cream yet? If not, is it in your shopping cart right now?

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