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4 Reasons Why Your Body Isn’t Transforming From Your At-Home Workouts

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Even though I love a good gym session, there are plenty of days when I want to workout at home instead. It’s faster, more convenient, and just more comfortable (like you can find me in my ugliest clothes, watching The Hills & not worrying about anyone else the entire time).

The one downside to at home workouts is that you typically don’t have access to the same equipment you can find in the gym. That is unless you have an insanely amazing at-home gym, and in that case I’m so jealous. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a killer workout in! It just means you have to get a little more creative. Here’s how to do it:

1. Invest in Fun Equipment

Equipment isn’t cheap, but when you don’t have to pay for a gym membership, it’s totally worth it! Start off with dumbbells and resistance bands. Once you are ready to venture into other things & have saved up some more money, try various exercise balls like medicine balls, stability balls, and bosu balls! This will help give you tons of variety to choose from so that you don’t get bored, and also help to challenge you in new ways!

2. Lift Heavy

One of the reasons I started to see muscle definition that I’d never had before when I got a gym membership is because I also started lifting weights! Working out at home doesn’t mean you’re stuck doing body weight exercises. Heavy dumbbells should be a staple for you! (once you work your way up of course, don’t worry I’m not that crazy I started at 5 pounders lol). It’s not going to make you bulky, it’s going to give you that amazing toned look!

If you’re a beginner to lifting weights, listen to my podcast about weight lifting 101 HERE!

3. Continue to Increase Difficulty

If you hit a plateau and feel like you aren’t seeing results anymore, it’s time to turn things up a notch! Increase your weights and sprinkle in equipment like resistance bands and those exercise balls where you can. Here are some examples of how to make basic movements more advanced over time:


  • Beginner: Dumbbells
  • Intermediate: Dumbbells + Resistance Bands
  • Advanced: Dumbbells + Resistance Bands + Bosu Ball (put your feet on top of it to deepen the movement)


  • Beginner: Traditional Push Up
  • Intermediate: Traditional Push Up + Single Arm High Plank Dumbbell Row
  • Advanced: One Arm Med Ball Push Up + Single Arm High Plank Dumbbell Row

Getting it? Any movement can be modified depending on your level of fitness!

4. Kick Your Own Butt

I know a lot of people love classroom workouts or going to the gym because they are more motivated when they feel like people are watching them. But when you’re working out in your living room and can walk 10 feet to grab some chips… yeah not so much. Don’t let yourself slack! Do whatever you need to do to make sure you’re in the zone. Put in noise cancelling earbuds, crank up good workout music, and give it all you got. Make sure you still have a workout plan before you start so that you’re not wasting time trying to figure out what to do!

Need Some Workout Ideas?

If you are an at-home workout kinda gal and want some new, fun workouts in your life this summer, you can buy my brand new 8 week at home health & fitness guide HERE. I’ve been obsessed with these workouts over the past few months! You’ll find a ton of plyometric cardio circuits, upper and lower body weight training sessions, and full body cardio + weight training workouts included over the 8 week span. The guide starts at a beginners level of fitness & increases in difficulty over time to help you get amazing results in a realistic way!

I can’t wait for you to try them out for yourself & add some fun back into your at home sessions!

Can’t wait for more health, fitness & beauty content? I got you:







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