Sweaty Workout Hair? 5 Ways To Deal (Without Having to Wash It)

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Listen. If we want long, strong, beautiful hair, we have to accept the fact we can’t have clean hair every single day. Over-washing your hair is going to strip it of its natural oils and prevent it from growing long and strong. For me, it’s all about finding ways to make it look and feel the least greasy… ya know?

A couple years ago I washed my hair every single day (which actually makes me panic a little thinking about it like yikes). I swore I was one of those people that just had oily hair and couldn’t afford to not wash it daily. SO untrue. Now I embrace the dirty hair life and I love it. It saves me time and energy and ALSO honestly just looks so much better than my hair does when it’s freshly clean. It has more volume, it holds a curl longer, it has great texture for ponytails and buns. Don’t knock it till you try it!!!

Want a quick and easy tutorial on how I curl my hair? I got you:

After I posted an Ask Abbey Podcast Episode about how to grow your hair long and strong, I had some questions from listeners wondering how to handle dirty hair that’s getting nice & sweaty at the gym. Here are my secrets!

TIP #1: Double Shampoo

If you’ve never shampoo’ed your hair twice in the same shower… you need to try. This makes your hair SO much cleaner, which then gives you more time until your hair starts to get oily between washes. Everyone who gets sweaty workout hair needs to know about this trick! Literally all you have to do is shampoo like normal, rinse the shampoo completely out of your hair, and repeat! I love to use two different shampoos to get the different benefits of both (like a hydrating formula and a voluminizing formula), but this is also just me being extra. You can totally do this with just one shampoo and be good to go.

TIP #2: Use Dry Shampoo AND Dry Conditioner

Yeah, yeah, we all know about dry shampoo. It’s a non-negotiable at this point. I usually apply it 2 days post shower and add a little bit more each day until my next wash! I go for an OGX Dry Shampoo- either the Coconut Miracle Oil or Argan Oil formula, because it’s inexpensive (and I go through it like water), it soaks up oil without making my hair feel too gunky, and it smells good!

BUT I recently discovered the Kristen Ess Dry Conditioner and I absolutely love it as a way to rejuvenate my ends between washes. If you wear your hair up in a ponytail or a bun while working out (aka everyone), your hair probably gets a little snarled and crazy looking a few days after you wash it. To help with that I just spray a couple layers of Dry Conditioner on my ends and it instantly refreshes the look and feel of my hair!

TIP #3: Keep Your Hands To Yourself

Aka stop touching your hair! Think about all the things we touch throughout the day and the oils on our fingers… running your fingers through your hair (especially the pieces that frame your face) is just going to make your hair look greasier faster. I can’t stand when my hair is in my face so I usually always carry a large butterfly clip with me so I can toss it up instead of touching it 675 times. #fashionisalifestylenotachoice.

TIP #4: Rock a High Pony at the Gym

If you are used to wearing a low bun or ponytail at the gym, it’s time to change that. I’ve noticed that this makes my hair MUCH sweatier- it’s just laying against my neck and trapping in the heat and sweat… ew. Instead, I always put my hair on top of my head in either a high ponytail or bun so that the back of my head and neck have room to breathe and air out that sweat!

TIP #5: Use Hand Dryers Post-Workout

If you’re someone that gets extremely sweaty at the gym and you need your hair to dry up before you leave, don’t be afraid to use the hand dryers at the gym (or a regular blow dryer) to help with that. I know, it seems kind of gross to dry sweaty hair, but beauty is pain okay ladies? Once it’s dry you’ll forget all about it and be ready to step out in public!

Feeling better about giving your hair a much needed break from washing it? Which tip are you going to try first?

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