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I Detoxed From Coffee for 2 Weeks… Here’s What Happened

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If you read my recent blog post on my favorite Healthy Matcha Latte Recipe, then you know I mentioned how I can’t wrap my head around the fact that there are people who can function during a long work day with zero caffeine in their system. Well… I’m pretty sure I jinxed myself, because just a couple weeks after that I was hit with a horrible stomach infection and had a forced coffee detox.

Like we’re talking 15 days of literally NO caffeine of any sort people. 15!!! Keep in mind I had worked my way up to a solid 2-3 cups of coffee per day when this happened (sometimes 4- not proud). So as you can imagine, the detox experience wasn’t the most pleasant experience I’ve ever been through.

Considering if you should do a coffee detox yourself? Here’s what you can expect:

#1. Headaches on Headaches

I essentially had a 72 hour headache. It wasn’t migraine status by any means, but it was still a nice, constant pounding. Sounds super fun, right? Thankfully I had searing pains in my stomach to distract me, but I still had to take Ibuprofen every 6 ish hours to manage the headache those first few days.

Thankfully, the headaches started to diminish around day 4 and were completely gone by day 5-6.

#2. General Fogginess

I just felt like I was in a fog for a few days, you know? My energy levels were low, and I wasn’t feeling quick on my feet. Not to freak you out here, but it almost felt like a mini hangover (minus the bouts of nausea). Just trying to prepare you as honestly as I can here, people!!!

Again, this started to improve around day 4, and I felt completely normal by day 5-6.

#3. Mental Clarity

After those first few days of headaches and general fogginess, I started to feel like a new woman. Mentally I just felt so much more CLEAR, you know? As much as I love that first spike of coffee energy in the AM, overall I was in a much calmer, clearer headspace than I am when I get carried away with one too many cups of coffee.

I think part of the reason for this was that I wasn’t dependent on caffeine to get me going. I was able to rely on my body’s natural energy levels to keep me feeling focused.

#4. Stable Energy Levels

On that note, I also noticed that my energy levels felt much more stable. Instead of my usual 8:30 AM post-coffee energy spike and 1 PM crash, I had my natural energy to carry me through the day. Don’t get me wrong- it was nothing close to the energy I get from coffee, but I felt energetic in a clean kinda, you know?

However, I will say I did still experience a mini energy crash in the PM, but it was just closer to 3 PM than 1 PM. Because I work a desk job, PM crashes are inevitable for me. That type of environment sucks a lot of energy from me no matter what my caffeine intake is!

#5. Improved Sleep

This was what really made me think twice about reintroducing coffee to my life.

Prior to my coffee detox, I started to have trouble sleeping. I would feel ready for bed, and find myself still awake at 4 am with my heart racing (likely due to anxiety creeping back into my life- if you want to learn more about my anxiety story, you can check that out below):

Once coffee was out of the equation, I stopped having issues falling asleep. It’s like my body’s circadian rhythm was just normalizing (giving myself brownie points for weaving that concept into this post!!!). I still needed a full 8 hours of sleep in order to feel my best, but I fell asleep without any issue and woke up naturally before my alarm with energy. I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I did that!

So now that we know how great I felt, I’m staying off of coffee forever now, right?

Not exactly…

For as great as I felt during my coffee detox, I just missed coffee in my life. Having my morning cup of coffee is easily my favorite morning ritual. That’s like my moment for me (something my best friend Logan and I chatted all about in this podcast episode). I love the taste and I love that first pick me up that makes me excited to start my morning. Sometimes it really does just take something small to make a positive impact on your day.

SO instead of forcing myself to eliminate one of my favorite things in life, I’m going to be a lot more mindful about how much coffee I’m consuming on a daily basis. Like promising myself to cool it and stick to 1-2 cups. There’s just no need for me to be consuming more than that! I’m already wound up enough as is… lol. And if I find myself back to the point of not being able to fall asleep, I’ll be down to detox!

And since we’re on the topic… I do have set a new nighttime routine set in place to prevent myself from having those sleeping issues again. Want all the deets? You’re in luck. I’ll be going into depth on my nighttime routine on next week’s episode of the Ask Abbey Podcast! Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it.

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