About Abbey

I absolutely LOVE learning about health, nutrition, fitness, makeup & skincare. While I’ve been obsessed with beauty since I was 16 (self-taught by Youtube thank you very much!), Health and Fitness are relatively newer passions of mine. A few years ago I was struggling with some health-related issues (both physical & mental) that pushed me to start living my life in a healthier way. It was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself.

After hearing how amazing I felt (I tend to over share when I’m excited about something oopsie), my sister wanted to learn more about how to eat right and exercise effectively. So I put together a guide for her that eventually transformed into my E-Book, The Healthy Lifestyle Project. Both of us saw suchamazing changes in our body composition, that I decided I needed to share my guide with everybody!

The launch of the HLP is just the beginning. I have so many secrets to share in terms of health, fitness & beauty that I decided to create the platform Ask Abbey- (a blog, podcast & YouTube channel) as a one stop shop for anyone looking for tips and tricks on how to feel like the most beautiful version of themselves.

Want to know my secrets? You ask, I’ll answer (& subscribe so you don’t miss out on the inside scoop)!