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How I Finally Improved My Body Composition (Before and After Photos)

First let me say: You are beautiful in whatever body makes you FEEL beautiful. Don’t let Instagram tell you how your body is supposed to look. The only way it’s supposed to look is exactly how you want it to. Instagram has a funny way of making you feel like everything about your body is wrong. You need to be thin, but not too thin because that’s gross. You need to have muscle definition, but not a super ripped 8 pack because that’s too masculine. You need to have a booty, but that just right booty where you can tell it’s not from fat- because ew & you can tell it’s not from lifting weights too much- because ew. All I have to say to all of that is: alksdjffakldsjfaklsdjfalksdjflkasdf. Stop letting other people tell you how you need to look. YOU tell yourself how you need to look to make yourself FEEL beautiful. And that’s it. Second let me say: Transformations look different for EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. Everyone has different genetics, hormones, metabolisms, abilities …