My friends know that I will do literally anything to get a good IG for them. Like I’m that girl snapping secret pics of them drinking wine when they aren’t looking. Because who doesn’t love a candid that’s actually candid?

Then I realized… why am I spending forever to try to get a good photo when it takes me 300 years to find a filter I love? And even 300 years later when I found a filter, the aesthetic of my feed just always felt off, you know? So that’s why I made my presets! One easy click in the free Lightroom app and you are IG ready.

I’m also sick of seeing 2 presets for $70. Am I the only one that thinks that’s kind of crazy?! So…

7 presets. $6. Right here.

Yep, you heard right. Because everyone deserves to have a killer IG aesthetic. Thank me later!

Here’s what you’re getting:

Ready to make your pics look amazing in under 2 seconds? You can buy the Ask Abbey presets HERE.

Make sure to tag #askabbeypresets when you post! Dying to see how amazing you all look in these filters.