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My 11-Step Anti-Aging & Anti-Acne Skincare Routine (For Clear, Glowy, Wrinkle-Free Skin)

I am always on the hunt for skincare products that are going to help me maintain youthful, glowy, clear skin for as long as possible in the most efficient way possible. I’m not interested in all the b.s. skincare trends that come and go these days. And I couldn’t even keep up with them if I wanted to! I’d have a 600 step skincare routine by now if I bought every new “must-have” product that comes out. What I am interested in are tested products that WORK and are actually going to help me achieve my #skingoals. I posted my skincare routine when I originally launched Ask Abbey back in February- so naturally, my regimen has already changed since then (lol, do we expect anything less?). You know it’s not my style to keep beauty secrets from you guys, so it’s about time I share an updated skincare routine so I can dish on what’s old and what’s new. Keep in mind: This is my every day skincare routine. This doesn’t include any treatments or …