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All The Products & Tools That Transformed My Broken, Damaged Hair

My hair took a serioussss hit when I moved out of my parent’s house & into the city. I’m talking major hard water damage. I’ve always had hair that grows long quickly, but it was starting to look flat, broken & scraggly af (gross). Here are the products I’ve been using to bring it back to life (with a few different options in each category- see what works best for you!) If you want to hear me chat more in depth about this topic so you can get even more tips & tricks, listen to the Ask Abbey Podcast Episode #16. Pureology Shampoo & Conditioner I used to stick up my nose to high quality shampoo & conditioner because I felt like it was unnecessary. That was until I tried this brand & realized it was saving my hair! If you invest in one high quality haircare product, it should be your shampoo & conditioner. Here are some of the Pureology lines I’ve tried & love: Strength Cure Best Blonde Hydrate Clean Volume They also …