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I Detoxed From Coffee for 2 Weeks… Here’s What Happened

If you read my recent blog post on my favorite Healthy Matcha Latte Recipe, then you know I mentioned how I can’t wrap my head around the fact that there are people who can function during a long work day with zero caffeine in their system. Well… I’m pretty sure I jinxed myself, because just a couple weeks after that I was hit with a horrible stomach infection and had a forced coffee detox. Like we’re talking 15 days of literally NO caffeine of any sort people. 15!!! Keep in mind I had worked my way up to a solid 2-3 cups of coffee per day when this happened (sometimes 4- not proud). So as you can imagine, the detox experience wasn’t the most pleasant experience I’ve ever been through. Considering if you should do a coffee detox yourself? Here’s what you can expect: #1. Headaches on Headaches I essentially had a 72 hour headache. It wasn’t migraine status by any means, but it was still a nice, constant pounding. Sounds super fun, right? Thankfully …