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Sweaty Workout Hair? 5 Ways To Deal (Without Having to Wash It)

Listen. If we want long, strong, beautiful hair, we have to accept the fact we can’t have clean hair every single day. Over-washing your hair is going to strip it of its natural oils and prevent it from growing long and strong. For me, it’s all about finding ways to make it look and feel the least greasy… ya know? A couple years ago I washed my hair every single day (which actually makes me panic a little thinking about it like yikes). I swore I was one of those people that just had oily hair and couldn’t afford to not wash it daily. SO untrue. Now I embrace the dirty hair life and I love it. It saves me time and energy and ALSO honestly just looks so much better than my hair does when it’s freshly clean. It has more volume, it holds a curl longer, it has great texture for ponytails and buns. Don’t knock it till you try it!!! Want a quick and easy tutorial on how I curl my hair? …