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What I Eat To Stay Lean & Healthy- Weekday Edition

Hello all you beautiful people. If you’re new here my name is Abbey and I. love. food. Like so much!!! Before I knew anything about health and fitness, I thought there was only one way to eat “healthy.” Vegetables, chicken, maybe some rice, and that’s about it. I spent one summer in college living off of that every single day for dinner. Sure, I lost weight, but I wasn’t enjoying my food. I think it’s SO important to eat foods that you genuinely love in order to sustain healthy eating for the long haul. If you’re forcing yourself to choke down beets and you hate beets… you’re going to crack quickly. I also think it’s very important to think about your goals when planning out your daily meals. The meals of people who are trying to lose weight vs. improve the composition of their body vs. gain weight and muscle are going to look different! It’s always good to keep that in mind, as well as thinking about your specific body type, the level of …