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Gym Anxiety Got You Down? Here’s 7 Ways to Beat It and Finally Feel Comfortable in that Dreaded Weight Section

I used to be so intimidated by the gym… and TERRIFIED by the weights section. I thought I was never going to step foot in that area. Like ever. But of course, if you keep up with me on my other platforms (especially Instagram), you know that I love weight lifting now. So wondering how the heck I made that switch? Let’s chat. #1. Get Comfortable First If you’re a fitness newbie or just feeling out of shape from some time off, my first piece of advice is to jump back into fitness in an area that you feel most comfortable. For a lot of people, this means working out in your own home! When I first started working out, this is exactly what I did. And then continued to do for a couple years as I fell off and back on the fitness bandwagon (like over and over, lol). At that time, I knew NOTHING about fitness. So testing out workouts in the comfort of my parent’s basement was crucial for me in order …