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Why You Need to Start Double Cleansing Your Skin ASAP

Thinking about how I used to fall asleep in college after a night out with all of my makeup still on makes my skin CRAWL. Like I actually can’t even think about it without cringing. We all know we’re supposed to wash our face before we go to bed, but… a makeup wipe can just do the trick instead, right? Girl!!! No. Properly cleansing your face is so important for removing all sorts of junk from your skin- debris, sweat, dirt, foundation, etc. etc. etc. We have both oil based impurities (like sebum) and water based impurities (like sweat) on our skin. You know how oil and water separate when you try to mix them together? This is exactly why we need both an oil and water cleanser in our lives! We need oil cleanser to remove the oil based impurities and water cleanser to remove the water based impurities. So while a makeup wipe will help to remove your makeup, it won’t properly cleanse your skin and remove all the grime that has gtg …