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These 14 Unhealthy Ingredients Are Hiding In Your Nutrition Labels

I’ve chatted a lot on my podcast about the different approaches to “living a healthy lifestyle” I’ve tested out. There are so many different diets and mindsets I’ve felt like I needed to adopt in order to truly be healthy! (which is bogus btw, there is no one way). Listen to the podcast where I explain my experience with counting calories & tracking macros HERE, or the podcast where I chat through what happened to me when I tried intermittent fasting HERE! The most recent fad I got sucked into was “clean eating.” I’ll own it, I was a total label snob for a hot sec. If the label on a package of food had 1g of an ingredient that I didn’t consider “clean” I’d cringe and put it back on the shelf. In my defense, I was trying to do everything I could to fix my skin (see my hormonal acne podcast episode HERE). BUT, also not in my defense, I took it way too overboard & became too obsessed with it. This is …