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Why Am I So Bloated? Here Are The Foods That Cause Bloating & How to Prevent It

Let’s chat bloating… But before this topic triggers anyone, let’s level set expectations first. Is Bloating Normal? Heck yes it is. Bloating (to a certain degree) is a completely natural bodily response to eating food. It’s really simple af. If you feel like your stomach is flatter in the AM than it is in the PM, that’s because it is. And that’s because you just spent the entire night sleeping without consuming any food or liquids. Aka you just spent the entire night fasting. Contrast that to before bedtime after you’ve been filling your stomach with food all day and… Yeah, we get it. But I just had to point that out for anyone who finds themselves feeling extra discouraged by that bedtime bloat! (PS: this especially applies to anyone who’s recently been introduced to a diet called food combining. If you want to know my thoughts on food combining, I discuss it in this podcast episode). The fact of the matter is that most women have to hit extremely low body fat percentages in …