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5 Healthy Lunch & Dinner Recipes That You Will LOVE

If you listened to the Ask Abbey Podcast Episode where I discuss living a healthy lifestyle with a 9-5 job, you know that I make two servings of whatever I’m eating for dinner so that I can automatically have lunch ready for work the next day! (If you didn’t, click here to listen in!) Then I don’t have to spend 2 hours in the kitchen after work because that’s NOT an option for me (Netflix is waiting!!!). Every Sunday I usually buy ingredients for two different lunch/dinner recipes, and then I rotate between the two recipes throughout the week! I have tonssss of recipes that I love, but here are the 5 that have been most consistent for me lately. Portions for these recipes are honestly just up to personal preference, so there’s no exact measurements listed (except for one) here! 1. Green + Grain Bowl I get comments about how big my “salads” are at work all the time (LOL told you a girl can eat). But that’s because it’s not your traditional salad. …