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6 Lightweight Sunscreens to Wear Under Your Makeup

Tomorrow is a VERY exciting day because I am finally releasing a much anticipated episode of The Ask Abbey Podcast where I interview the ultimate skincare queen of all time… my mom! Lucky for us, she has worked in the beauty industry for years, so she has tonsss of expertise on skincare. I won’t spoil the episode for you, but dang it’s juicy. Make sure to subscribe to my podcast so you can listen in right when it’s posted! As promised in tomorrow’s episode, I am giving you a list of Mom-Approved SPF brands to reference back to after you tune in to the episode! The amazing thing about all of these brands is that the SPF is super lightweight- so you can wear it underneath (or in place of) foundation! FYI: Of course, just because a brand isn’t listed doesn’t mean that she doesn’t approve of them. These are just her absolute favorites! To see my entire skincare collection, check out this YouTube video: FIRST PLACE- FOUR WAY TIE These first four brands are …